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Foliascreen Full Height Size 81.69"h x 32.51"w

Foliascreen Full Height Size 81.69"h x 32.51"w

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Free-standing mobile wall, visual screen and space divider. Foliascreen is the perfect solution for space partitioning.

Elevate your workspace with the stylish Foliascreen and unlock the secret to a more productive, vibrant office.

Did you know that eye-catching greenery in your workspace can not only boost employee morale but also enhance productivity? Experience the impressive power of plants, as they help increase memory retention up to 20% and even reduce stress-related depression. Join the growing trend of businesses going green and enjoy the incredible benefits. Experience the transformative impact of the Foliascreen on your environment today!

Unlock the Power of Biophilia: Boost Product Value and Skyrocket Sales

Ever considered how daylight and biophilic elements could do wonders for your sales? Embrace the power of biophilia and watch it work its magic! These elements generate positive emotions, making customers more receptive and subconsciously linking appealing biophilic spaces with high-quality products. Elevate your business and raise product value in the most natural way possible!

Did you know that stress can slow down the body's healing process? But have no fear, biophilic design is here! When brought into patient rooms with nature views, it creates a soothing and calming environment, leading to faster healing and reduced need for pain medications. This green goodness has helped hospitals cut down post-operative recovery by a whopping 8.5% and pain medication use by 22%! Not just physical health, biophilic design has proven to be a game-changer for behavioral healthcare too. So, embrace this nature-inspired solution and create happier, healthier spaces!


Experience the wonders of nature-inspired learning spaces! Classrooms infused with biophilic design can transform education by boosting attendance, skyrocketing test scores, encouraging positive behavior, melting away stress, and sharpening students' focus. Let's embrace this powerful approach to overcome educational challenges and unlock our children's true potential.


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